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Greece raises 1.3 billion euros in new treasury bill sale

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ATHENS, Dec. 18 — Greece raised some 1.3 billion euros (1.7 billion U.S. dollars) in a new three-month treasury bill auction on Tuesday, the country’s Public Debt Management Agency (PDMA) said.

Athens sold the 13-week treasury bills at an interest rate of 4.11 percent. The rate was marginally lower to the 4.2 percent secured in a similar auction in November 13.

The auction coincided with the release of a six-month delayed disbursement of 34.4 billion euros of international bailout aid to Athens this week.

Shut out by global markets since 2010, Greece has been depending on short-term bond auctions and aid packages from the European Union and International Monetary Fund (IMF) to avoid a chaotic bankruptcy and a possible exit from the eurozone.



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