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Windows Phone American smart phone market share amounts to 9%

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Nelson released the survey report of second quarter American smart phone market, showing Android is still the largest American smart phone platform, of 39%, followed by Apple with 28%; Blackberry is 20%; Windows Phone is 9%; webOS is 2%; Symbian is 2%, new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is 7.0%.

Generally speaking, Apple is the largest American smart phone manufacturer, because it made all iOS phone with a market share of 20%; Blackberry RIM of 20%; HTC making Android and Windows Phone is of 20%; Motorola is 11%; Samsung is 8%.

Nelson May survey showed that the sales of American smart phone have surpassed functional phone, and among American users purchasing phones in the first three months, the smart phone users are of 55%.

Though market occupancy rise fast, according to another survey report, only 7% store keepers are confident of winning the competition of Windows Phone 7 against other smart phone, with a satisfaction rate almost lower than that of Blackberry.




  1. avatar Brian says:

    Thats very inaccurate many surveys has windows phone 7 among the highest satisfaction rate even higher than the IPhone. The poll you was refering to that had Microsoft was on online poll where they asked people what phone they perferred of course if someone never used wp7 they wouldnt vote for it so most people who only used Android and IPhone voted for them. However here are some results of polls when customers who have used wp7 the outcome is very different, dont mislead your readers. Windows phone 7 is a very modern, slick, intuitive and beautiful OS that makes Android and IPhone feel outdated.





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