State-level lab on nuclear, biochemical disaster protection founded

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BEIJING, Dec. 18 — China established a state-level lab in Beijing on Tuesday to develop technologies to minimize the damage of nuclear and biochemical disasters on human health and the environment.

The lab will focus on technologies that can evaluate and monitor damage, protect people, facilities and the environment in the event of nuclear and biochemical disasters, and repair the damage, said Pei Chengxin, the lab’s director.

It is attached to an institute under the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) General Armament Department, which has developed several key technologies for civilian use in monitoring poisonous gas and biochemical threats, Pei said.

With the support of military research, the lab is expected to develop related technologies for civilian use and train more scientists in this field, he said.

The new lab also merges a state-level laboratory of analytical chemistry, a PLA institute on environmental science and a lab on chemical warfare protection.

However, Pei did not reveal some details such as the size of the lab’s staff.



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