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Chinese, Russian leaders talk over phone again on flood control

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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang discussed flood control and disaster relief with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in phone talks Monday.

It was their second phone conversation in less than a week as the two countries jointly battle devastating floods that have hit eastern Russia and northeastern China this month.

Medvedev told Li Russia and China had maintained good communication and carried out effective cooperation in the face of devastation rarely seen in recent history, and Russia was ready to further strengthen cooperation with China in flood control and disaster relief operations.

Li said the fact China and Russia had kept close contact and coordination and their cooperation on disaster prevention and relief in the Heilongjiang River (known in Russia as the Amur) demonstrated an elevated level of the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership.

The Chinese premier voiced hope Russia would exploit the advantage of its upstream reservoir to cut the flood peak and scale down the floods.

China was willing to offer necessary help with Russia’s disaster relief efforts, Li said, expressing the hope that the two countries, through joint efforts, can keep the flood damage to a minimum level.



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