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Mali’s separatist MNLA blocks supplies to northern town of Menaka

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BAMAKO, April 26 — The National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), a Tuareg separatist group controlling Mali’s extreme northeastern town of Kidal, is blocking trucks going to deliver fresh supplies to the town of Menaka.

The revelations were made on Thursday by Bajan Ag Hamatou, an elected parliamentarian from Menaka in the capital Bamako, after the official swearing-in ceremony of the members of the Dialogue and Reconciliation Commission.

The Malian army recently took control of Menaka from the MNLA, which occupied the town after French forces chased away Al-Qaida linked rebels in January.

“The trucks that need to deliver fresh supplies to Menaka town must pass through Kidal, but the majority of these trucks are being blocked by MNLA men in Kidal. Due to this, the population of Menaka is suffering because of lack of food,” Ag Hamatou said.

Ag Hamatou is also the chairman of the Kel Tamasheq group, which represents the people speaking the Tamasheq language and sharing the same culture.

He said this “unacceptable situation which has been going on for some time, cannot be allowed to continue.”

He urged the journalists and well-wishers to mobilize support for the benefit of the Menaka population.

A section of Kidal is controlled by the French and Chadian troops, while the other section is held by MNLA fighters who have rejected the entry of Malian forces in the town.



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