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One quarter of domestic workers excluded from legal protection: ILO

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GENEVA, Jan. 9 — At least 52 million people, mainly women, are employed as domestic workers worldwide, but over one quarter of them are completely excluded from national labor legislation, according to a report released Wednesday by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

The report, Domestic workers across the world: Global and regional statistics and the extent of legal protection, showed only 10 percent of all domestic workers are covered by general labor legislation to the same extent as other workers.

“Combined with the lack of rights, the extreme dependency on an employer and the isolated and unprotected nature of domestic work can render them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse,” said Sandra Polaski, ILO Deputy Director-General.

As a result, they often work longer hours and are paid less than workers in comparable occupations, the report said.

It estimated that more than half of all domestic workers have no limitation on their weekly normal hours under national law and approximately 45 percent have no entitlement to weekly rest periods.

Just over 50 percent of all domestic workers are entitled to a minimum wage equivalent to that of other workers.

The migrant domestic workers are especially vulnerable to abusive practices, such as physical and sexual violence, psychological abuse, non-payment of wages, due to their precarious legal status and lack of knowledge of the local language and laws, said the report.

Polaski stressed that actions at the national level by governments, employers and workers are needed to improve the working lives of the vulnerable but hard-working domestic workers.?



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