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Over 1.8 mln child laborers in Madagascar: ILO

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ANTANANARIVO, April 26 — More than 1.8 million children ages five to 17 are working in Madagascar, according to the latest data published by the bureau of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in the Indian Ocean island county.

The ILO report said 28 percent of Malagasy child laborers, or 438,000 of them, are subjected to hazardous work.

Other child laborers are engaged in household work, mining, carriage, prostitution, farming and restaurant service.

A labor official told Xinhua by telephone that they are analyzing the application of the text on child labor in Madagascar.

A draft law written by labor officials in the country will be submitted to the government in September or October before forwarded to the parliament early in 2014.

According to the law in Madagascar, anyone who employs children will be punished by a fine of 1 million to 3 million ariary (500 to 1,500 U. S. dollars) and by an imprisonment of one to three years at the same time.

Madagascar signed the Convention No. 182 on the Worst Forms of Child Labor adopted by the ILO in June 1999. This convention calls for the prohibition and the elimination of the worst forms of child labor.



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