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Romania’s new cabinet to have parliament vote on Friday: PM

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BUCHAREST, Dec. 17 — Romania’s Prime Minister-designate Victor Ponta on Monday hoped that his new cabinet is to have the vote in the Parliament on Friday.

Romania entered a period of normalcy when ruling will be for solidarity, reunification and reconstruction of the state, said Ponta, joint chairman of the ruling Social Liberal Union, soon after he was designated by President Train Basescu to form the new government.

“On Thursday noon, I am ready with the government structure, the candidates for the positions of ministers and the ruling program will be sent to the Parliament. On Thursday afternoon, the ministers will be heard and Friday we are going to have the vote in the Parliament,” said Ponta, also leader of the major Social Democrat Party.

“If the vote is favourable, we pledged the oath on Friday noon and have the first government meeting on Saturday to get down to business,” he added.

“I am the appointed prime minister and I will hold talks to all the political parties in Romania and those who are not included in the Parliament,” he said, stressing that “USL won the elections, USL has the right to form the government … but USL will not rule to oppress others, they will rule opposite of how the ruling had been. USL will rule for solidarity, reunification and reconstruction of Romania.”

President Traian Basescu on Monday named Ponta, nominee of the election victory Social Liberal Union, to form the new government.

Basescu’s move is obviously easing the political tension in the eastern European country, avoiding a direct conflict between him and the victorious union, a conflict which might lead to another impeachment against the president.

The Social Liberal Union, a ruling coalition composed of the Social Democratic Party, the National Liberal Party and the Conservative Party, won a sweeping victory in Romania’s quadrennial parliamentary elections, with three times more votes than its main opponents, the pro-presidential Right Romania Alliance.

Before the elections, Basescu said for many times that he would never name Ponta again as the prime minister, compared reappointing the incumbent to swallowing a pig. Yet, with the union winning such an overwhelming victory, Basescu’s room for maneuver is severely limited and it seems that he was forced to accept Ponta and to coexist with him.

According to the country’s constitution, Ponta has to form a government within 10 days of being named premier, and win a vote of confidence in parliament.

Ponta, 40, has been the president of the Social Democratic Party since 2010. He is also the co-chair of the ruling Social Liberal Union, made of the Social Democratic Party, the National Liberal Party and the Conservative Party.

On April 27, Ponta was designated for the first time as prime minister by Basescu soon after a no-confidence motion toppled the 78-day-long center-right government led by former intelligence chief Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, who became the shortest-serving Romanian prime minister in modern history.



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