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UN Security Council extends office of ombudsperson under Al-Qaida, Taliban Sanctions Committee

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UNITED NATIONS, Dec. 17 — The UN Security Council decided on Monday to extend the mandate of the office of the ombudsperson under the Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee for a period of 30 months.

In a resolution adopted by the 15-member UN body, the Security Council decided that the ombudsperson should continue to receive requests from individuals, groups, undertakings or entities seeking to be removed from the Al-Qaida Sanctions List in “an independent and impartial manner,” and present to the Committee observations and recommendation.

Recognizing the office of the ombudsperson’s “significant contribution in providing additional fairness and transparency,” the Council reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring that the office is able to carry out its role effectively.

The resolution also requests the UN secretary-general to strengthen the capacity of the office by providing necessary resources, and strongly urges UN member states to provide all relevant information to the ombudsperson.

Established by Security Council Resolution 1904, the office of ombudsperson serves as an independent body to allow individuals and entities subject to sanctions the opportunity to present their cases.

Kimberly Prost from Canada was appointed the ombudsperson in June 2010, six months after the Council authorized the position.

The ombudsperson is mandated to present an assessment of the cases to the sanctions committee, relevant to the retention or removal of names from the list of those with alleged ties to al- Qaida and the Taliban.

Currently nine requests for delisting are being considered by the ombudsperson.



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